take better photos using smart phone TAKE BETTER PHOTOS using smart phone

Take Better Photos With Your Smart Phone

Almost all of us are using their phone cameras to take photos. Also most of us are using their smart phones more than their computers to edit and post photos to their social media accounts. This is simply because it is easier – you have everything you need in one place, your smart phone.

Take Better photos with your smart phone

Here are my tips for better smart phone photos:

1- Clean your lens:  If you want a crystal clear and sharp images, then remember to wipe your phone lens before you start.

2- Don’t forget photography basics: For better quality of photos you will need light. In low light conditions it is advisable to download and use applications that help you to control the shutter speed and slow it down for longer exposure time. Remember that in low light conditions your photos will be blurry and grainy (noise).

3- Avoid camera digital zoom: The image quality will deteriorate when you use your phone camera zoom. Instead, zoom in using your feet – get closer to the subject physically for better image quality.

4- Use the timer: Placing your phone on a fixed surface and using a timer will reduce the camera shakes and blurs and will allow you to be in the photo as well. For instance, I use my Apple watch as a remote control. It saves me the hassle of asking a stranger to take photos of me.

5- Watch out for the flare: Avoid the sun/light flare in your photos especially if your are aiming towards a light source. Place your subject with their back towards the light source. This will create contrast and interesting silhouette.

6- composition: Capturing sharp photos is crucial, but composition is equally important. Good composition is what separates an average photo from an amazing one. Composing means positioning your subject in a certain way to make your photo more appealing to viewers. Example on compositions is the RULE OF THIRDS (I will be writing a post about this topic very soon). This rule is about positioning the most important elements in your photos on any of the 4 intersecting points of the grid. It is about moving your most important element/subject in the photo off the center and more to the side. On Iphone you can turn on the grid like this:

Turning on the grid on iphone

7- Choose your background: Having too many things in the background will distract the viewer’s attention. Keep your background simple – the simpler the better. There are some apps that can blur the background behind your subject, use them! Click on the link below to know what apps I use for capturing and editing images on my phone.

8- Create your own filters: You want your photos to stand out? Then create your own filters or edits using some great free apps. I mentioned in the link above some great apps that I personally use.

9- Make prints: This point has nothing to do with taking better photos but it is important. Print your photos and create timeless beautiful albums. I’m a strong believer that prints are prettier and more valuable than digital photos. There are many online services that provide printing services. If you don’t like to print your photos then make sure you back them up on multiple hard drives to avoid unpleasant incidents in the future.

Please feel free to share this post with your family and friends if you believe it is useful. If you have any suggestions or comments, please share them in the comments section below.

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