Jordi-Paz-wedding Holy trinitly church dubai wedding

Holy Trinity church / Madinat jumeirah wedding | Jordi and Paz

Name | Jordi + Paz
Date | 12.09.19
Ceremony | Holy Trinity Church - Dubai
Reception | Maria Bonita - Madinat Jumeirah
Wedding Photography | Saiid El Ghazal 

Jordi and Paz are an amazing couple, they were very chilled and relaxed which made photographing them on their wedding day a breeze and stress free.

Do you want to know how they met? I will assume you answered yes. So here it is:

Paz and Jordi got matched on Tinder almost 6 years ago and met for the first time after one month of chatting. Jordi used to live in Amsterdam and Paz was and still living in Dubai. They had a 5 year long distance relationship until Jordi decided to move to Dubai one year ago. They got married on September the 12th, 2019 in Dubai.

Their wedding was a beautiful small wedding attended by Paz and Jordi's families, who came all the way from Chile and Netherlands, and friends from many other countries and are living in Dubai. The ceremony took place in the Holy Trinity Church in Dubai and then followed by a delicious dinner in the beautiful Mexican restaurant in Madinat Jumeirah the Maria Bonita Taco shop and Grill. Chef Arnesto made sure that everyone there had great Mexican food and refreshing beverages.

We tried to have some outdoor wedding photographs at sunset with Burj Al Arab in the background, however the heat and humidity were too much to handle. My eyes were burning from the sweat drops entering them. You can imagine what was happening to Paz and Jordi who were wearing a full on wedding dress and Tux.

It was a beautiful wedding attended by those who mostly mattered and that was the family and very close friends.

Congratulations Jordi and Paz and wishing you wonderful years to come.


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