This 1 hour video is a recording of a FB live session I did recently. This tutorial is for photography beginners and enthusiasts who would like to learn how to use their cameras and take better photos – in other words to master their camera.

In this photography tutorial you will learn about:

How the camera works 01:24

Basic controls 05:39

White balance 33:19

Full frame vs cropped frame 37:29

Aperture 40:53 

Shutter 48:07

ISO 53:06

The exposure triangle 55:49

Link to the photography practical is



double exposure tutorial using adobe photoshop

In this tutorial, I’ll show you how to create a beautiful double exposure effect using two images in Adobe Photoshop CC2019. The trick in this video is to know how to use blending modes, layer masks and adjustment layers in order to create an amazing image.

10 easy steps for better phone food photography

In this video I will share with you my 10 easy tips to take your phone food photography to the next level. I will share with you tips about natural light, composition, styling, plating, shooting angles and many more. I’m sure these tips will be helpful and will make great improvement to your photos next time you want to take photo of your meal. Enjoy!

create teams and zoom virtual backgrounds

In this video I will show you how to create virtual backgrounds and use them as marketing tools for both Zoom and Microsoft Teams . Video is in Arabic language with English subtitles. في هذا الفيديو سوف اشرح لكم طريقة تصميم خلفيات لبرامج زوم و مايكروسوفت تيمز و استعمال هذه الخلفيات لتسويق عملك او اي شيء آخر. الفيديو باللغة العربية مع ترجمة انجليزية